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Systems in operation
countries served
thousands of fiber optic networks deployed, world-wide!
Systems in operation
countries served
thousands of fiber optic networks deployed, world-wide!

KA|TE robots are specialist for the following tasks in inaccessible sewers or water pipes:
KA-TE robot systems for the rehabilitation of inaccessible sewers are characterised by utmost precision, robustness and a high versatility.

With KA-TE milling robots, filler robots and the KA-TE shield placing mechanism, even the most difficult challenges in everyday rehabilitations are successfully solved. That is why KA-TE is the primary choice for many rehabilitation specialists around the world.

The experiences of more than 30 years in sewer rehabilitation have been put into our robot systems. They distinguish themselves with highest quality and high cost-effectiveness. Inform yourself about our technical solutions for partial repairs and about the well-proven KA-TE robot systems, which are employed around the world.

The reliable KA|TE grinding robots are used for precise milling, drilling and grinding tasks in pipelines up to DN 800 (800mm / 80cm).KA-TE_Fraese2 The compactly constructed machines are characterised by a very high resilience and a high-performance hydraulic drive that effectively prevents the milling tools from jamming.

Different milling, grinding and brushing attachments allow for a rather broad and flexible scope of application, from milling off deposits, broken fragments with protruding edges, root penetrations, protruding lateral connections and other obstacles up to the opening of the inlets of pipe liners. It is also possible without a problem to mill out completely closed channels frontally and to remove steel armatures, rebar or protruding cast-iron house connections. KA-TE_Fraese_front

In combination with KA|TE filler robots and KA|TE shield placing technology, complex extents of damage can be worked on with the procedure.

KA|TE grinding robots are delivered ready for use in various vehicle systems. With the KA|TE Compact, we offer a mobile system, which can also be developed into a multi-functional system.

High flexibility and precision

MiniSpachtel_9607_frei_klSpachtelSchlitz_1825_klKA-TE filler robots make the partial repair possible of damaged points and to rehabilitate connection in sewers DN 200 to DN 800.

The epoxy mortar applied as filler material is supplied from a replaceable cartridge and applied with a grouting tool. For filling, the KA-TE filler robot is equipped with an axial and longitudinal spatula.Spa_gr9573_kl

This tool equipment as well as a infinitely variable electrical drive and rotational drive for a millimetre-precise control allows for a high flexibility and precision during mending of complex extents of damage. Even diagonal cracks, with broken fragments, for instance, can be grouted, filled and thereby durably repaired.

In combination with the KA-TE shield placing system damaged fittings and connections can be restored and grouted.


Man_1862_klThe KA-TE shield injection system is a trenchless procedure, reliably applied over 300,000 times, for the economic and technically optimal rehabilitation of residential connections.

Man_1872_klThe patented KA-TE shield placing mechanism makes it possible to technically rehabilitate and reconnect residential connections flawlessly, but also to partially repair extreme damages in DN 800 in circular profiles and up to DN 600/900 in oval profiles. The procedure makes it possible to fill out complex bursts, larger holes and missing wall parts with resin and thereby repairing them. Renovations that are carried out with this technology are characterised by an extreme service life: Contrary to other procedures, the resin is pressed flush with the pipe wall by the shield placing mechanism so that the repaired places is durable even to high-pressure cleaning.


Man_gr9530_klThe plastic shield placing mechanism is attached to a filler robot and positioned at the inlet of the building lateral to be rehabilitated. A balloon is inserted through an opening in the shield and inflated. It creates a mould for the missing or damaged lateral. Resin is filled and pressed into the cavity around the balloon by an injection tool through two injection holes in the sleeve. Once the resin has hardened, and the shield placing mechanism has been removed, no further work is necessary on the renovated place.


  1. Vehicle type “Sprinter 5 to.”
  2. Vehicle type “Sprinter 5 to.” as well as system trailer
  3. Vehicle type “Sprinter 3.5 to.”
  4. Vehicle type “Lorry 12 to. – Box truck”
  5. Vehicle type “Lorry 12 to.” as well as system trailer
  6. Vehicle type “Sprinter 5 to.” or “Lorry 5 to.” with KA-TE Compact

The sewer rehabilitation system with robot control is installed in one vehicle. The operator controls the robot with a camera and monitor in the cockpit. In addition to the control instruments, there is a DVD recorder for recording the videos and images of the rehabilitated places and a data recorder for logging.

All units are built into the rear part of the vehicle: Cable drum, hydraulic system, compressor, water tank and water pump.

Central component is the cable drum with 85m-long cables and hoses that can be extended, which can be extended by up to 130m for special tasks. The cables are reeled in and out automatically according to the movement direction of the robots. An electrical chain hoist is installed for lifting and lowering the robots in the sewer shaft. This is fastened to an extendible and swivible frame. An electrical awning protects the operator from rain and sun.

All functions of the robot can be controlled via the remote control attached to its rear.


Optional to the system vehicle, we offer a fully equipped trailer. The basic version contains for instance a brand-name power generator, A/C cabinet for consumable supplies such as epoxy resin and a lot of storage room for various tools and accessory parts.

KA-TE_Compact_1KA-TE systems are delivered ready for use in various vehicle systems. With the KA-TE COMPACT, we offer a mobile system, which can also be developed into a multi-functional system.

The KA-TE COMPACT makes projects in difficult to access areas possible into which large KA-TE_Compact_1vehicles cannot drive. The COMPACT system allows the user to conduct high-quality robot rehabilitations (milling, filling, pressing) in these difficult conditions.

This KA-TE system also offers great advantages for international users that want to carry out the vehicle selection and the installation individually on site. The KA-TE COMPACT can be delivered on short notice due to its construction without a vehicle.


The water-proof KA-TE PMO tilting camera makes a dependable video transfer possible even during the toughest milling jobs. Throughout the swivelling rang of 200°, all relevant camera positions relevant for driving through and rehabilitating the sewer can be set. The integrated wiper makes the simultaneous cleaning of the lens and the illumination unit possible.

FAST knows the needs and requirements of sewer system operators and helps generating additional profits.

We apply our secure FAST technology for your business and in your sewage systems in an uncomplicated way.

To obtain additional capacity, we offer energy providers an economic process for expanding its fiber optic network. We guarantee a fast implementation of installation.

Through the use of robots, excavation and related risks such as damaging the existing infrastructure can be completely avoided. Even in periods of frost 100 – 250 meters of cable per day and team are possible.

As a provider of fiber optic cables, security and robustness our method of creating infrastructures is another key aspect. Our technology resists even channel cleaning with high pressure nozzles.

The industrial and economical environment, as well as the private sector increasingly require higher transmission bandwidth. Existing networks increasingly hit their limits. Through our advanced technology, we offer you an your fast, secure, environmentally friendly and, above all, economic way to extend your network. We make use of existing sewer networks, and implement up to nine fiber optic cables with up to 216 fibers per cable in a patented process. In addition, our FAST OPTICOM system is secure. It prevents, for example, the typical longitudinal stress by its built-in lightning protection. The sewer network remains fully available for TV investigations and high-pressure cleaners. Do you have questions? You are welcome to send us a message or call us.

FAST helps you building a sustainable broadband infrastructure , especially in grown structures with historic centers in an environmentally friendly manner without underground engineering.

To keep pace with technological change, it accelerating the deployment of broadband networks is imperative. With the FAST solution,we offer you an environmentally friendly and economical option to supply even existing residential areas with forward-looking infrastructure. Residents will not have to endure noise pollution associated with conventional methods.

We work with a construction speed of 100 – 250 meters per day and our team deploys fiber optic cables into the existing sewer network in an almost unnoticed way. Large-scale road closures and construction noise are a thing of the past. After the implementation of the FAST technology, investigation with camera-robots and cleaning of the sewer system with high pressure jets are unrestrictedly possible.

Currenly, costs of € 80 – € 250 per running meter for the conventional installation of cable systems are usual.Large parts of these costs are caused by construction works and the restoration of road surfaces. Thus, there is a high potential of saving in the creation of broadband networks – especially in the prevention construction work. As telecommunication and infrastructure markets have become very dynamic, short and reliable customer connection times are key. Tedious approval processes and the dependence on the season in conventional construction work can quickly become a problem.The specially developed FAST technology takes these aspects into account and respects both the needs of the network and infrastructure operator, as well as the requirements of sewer infrastructure operators equally. As sewage systems are optimal network structures and available at all relevant locations, and thus are perfectly suited to carry broadband networks, FAST  realizes broadband networks in exactly this medium.The four key advantages of FAST Technology in detail:Green
Compared to conventional methods of dreating network infrastructure, with the FAST OPTICOM technology, environment is considerably relieved. Through the realization within sewer networks, cunstruction work is not necessary. The result is a significantly positive effect on the environment:There are no roads blockings – a small area for the insertion of the robot is sufficient, thus the impact on traffic is reduced to a minimum. In addition, as a result of our approach, no additional noise is affecting residents, and CO² emissions are significantly reduced, as compared to the use of heavy construction machines.By maintaining the road surface, consequential damage as rost heave or settling are avoided. The root system of surrounding trees remains intact when applying the FAST technology.Cost-saving
FAST OPTICOM allows expansion of the broadband network in a very economic way. Costs of network enlargement are significantly cheaper compared to conventional methods, even when taking into account costs of channel leasing. A detailed comparison of expected costs is provided in the chart. Fast
FAST OPTICOM provides you a simple and rapid way of expanding of your broadband network. No time-consuming approval processes for construction work are necessary. With a speed of up to 100 meters of cable per day, a rapid realization of your network is guaranteed. Even in periods of frost, where conventional methods are not applicable.Secure
fiber optic cables deployed by FAST are not lying in the sidewalk or in conventional cable routes, but several meters deep in the sewer infrastructure. There, your new network is protected not only through the thick walls of the sewer system:The FAST fiber cables are further protected by stainless steel pipes which protect the lines against dangers such as cleaning with high pressure systems. Fiber Optics Networks created by FAST have been run without any difficulty – sometimes for more than 10 years.

FAST robots are specialised to:
The company combines the expertise of the participating companies in the fields of telecommunications, network planning, robot technology, and sewer rehabilitation. She specializes in environmentally friendly system solutions for fiber optic networks in wastewater systems.

The offered spectrum of services includes project planning, implementation and service of in sewers laid fiber-optic networks using the FAST technology. FAST enables damage-free installation of fiber optic cables in existing sewers and their connection up to the individual house (FTTX).

Clients are domestic and international telecommunications companies and cable network operators such as Authorities, network operators as well as cities and municipalities, municipal enterprises such as public utilities and economic development agencies – as well as industrial customers.


The KA-TE shield injection system is a trenchless procedure, reliably applied over 300,000 times, for the economic and technically optimal rehabilitation of residential connections.


The KA-TE shield injection system is a trenchless procedure, reliably applied over 300,000 times, for the economic and technically optimal rehabilitation of residential connections.